Lincoln Park Boat Club is proud to be the only boat club in Chicago that is open to all.

We engage in community outreach to share the joys, benefits, and challenges of a variety of water sports: rowing, kayaking, canoeing, and stand-up paddle boarding.

We are privileged to offer young people, athletes with adaptive needs, and all others within the Chicago community, the opportunity to learn and practice these skills within the unique protective environment of the Lincoln Park Lagoon.

See below for details about a variety of community outreach and volunteer opportunities open to associates of LPBC.  Please contact the Board President at president@lpbc.net to propose other events and partnerships.  Thank you for your support of LPBC and our surrounding community!  Below is a list of events that volunteers participated in during the 2014 season.

  • Learn to Row Day
  • Learn to Paddle Day
  • Chicago Sprints Regatta
  • Lagoon and Park Clean Up
  • Lincoln Park Village Kayaking Event
  • Lost Boyz Kayaking Event


Lincoln Park Village

In July, LPBC partnered with Lincoln Park Village, a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the physical and mental stimulation of adults 50 years and older living in Chicago’s north side neighborhoods, to host a kayaking event. The event was free for members of Lincoln Park Village and welcomed beginner and intermediate kayakers. Tom Hall was in charge of the execution of the event. The beginner kayakers stayed in the lagoon area. This event was conducted in October of 2013 and one time previous to that. There were about 15 individuals participating.
Lost Boyz

The Lost Boyz is a charity organization that helps foster leadership, teamwork, and responsibility through youth baseball teams. They serve 75 children ages 4-17, boys and girls. Their home field is Rosenblum Park, a Chicago Park District park in the South Shore neighborhood. To offer a change of pace from their typical routine, we invited them to LPBC in August for an afternoon of kayaking, and a BBQ. We hope to accommodated about 15 participants, ages 12 and up. We gave them instruction on water and boat safety, a tour of the boat house and variety of boats, and got them into kayaks to try out a little paddling. This was the first time on the water for many of these children, and was a great event!